Zika Community Response in Guatemala and El Salvador (ZICORE)

Countries: Guatemala and El Salvador

Partners: Red Cross Guatemala, Red Cross El Salvador, and the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic (COMISCA)

Funder: USAID

Duration: 2016-2019

The overarching objective of the ZICORE’s strategy is to develop and refine systems that are most effective at mobilizing communities, particularly marginalized groups to prevent and control Zika and to more effectively engage with the Ministry of Health community-level Zika program interventions.

MCDI seeks to communicate to the public the risks associated with Zika, promote healthy behaviors, reduce anxiety, address stigma, dispel rumors, resolve cultural misconceptions, engage in response activities and empower at-risk populations to access health care for prompt diagnosis and care.

Vector surveillance and control are core components of ZICORE. A geo-referenced pupal/demographic survey using ArcGIS will be conducted in target municipalities to identify key mosquito breeding sites that communities can then eliminate.

ZICORE will also conduct community-based case surveillance and referral using a digital platform to identify suspected cases of Zika, confirmed cases of Zika and vulnerable populations. This will allow ZICORE to work with the local health authorities to detect local transmission of the virus and refer patients for Zika testing.

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