HIV / AIDS / Tuberculosis

Ndwedwe Integrated TB & HIV/AIDS Project

Location: Nwedwe District, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Partners: South Africa Department of Health

Donor: USAID

Duration: 2004-2009

The Ndwedwe Integrated TB & HIV/AIDS Project’s (NITHAP) goal was to increase correct diagnosis, treatment and patient adherence to treatment through Directly Observed Treatment Short course (DOTS) support throughout Ndwedwe sub-district of the KwaZulu Natal province, South Africa. The Project was designed to extend capacity building, training and supervision of facility health workers as well as community health workers at the district level in Ndwedwe. NITHAP served as a strong complement to the KwaZulu Natal Expanded Impact Child Survival Program also implemented by MCDI.

By improving TB treatment completion rates, NITHAP helped reduce TB transmission and the burden of diseases in both children and their caregivers that result from TB/HIV co-infection. By expanding and strengthening community-based DOTS, the project offered a platform for Anti-Retroviral (ARV) distribution and adherence monitoring. NITHAP also initiated an active case finding intervention that included isoniazid prophylaxis of children without TB who lived in households of TB patients. Additionally, NITHAP introduced innovative approaches such as the introduction of Contact Slip/Cards for screening TB contacts and Facility Patient Liaisons (FPLs) to reduce burden of health workers at facility and community levels.

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