HIV / AIDS / Tuberculosis

HIV and AIDS Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

Location: Lesotho

Donor: World Bank

Duration: 2007-2008

In Lesotho, MCDI provided consultancy HIV/AIDS Behavior Change Communications (BCC) service (funded by the World Bank) to equip the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and local NGOs/Community Based Organizations with the skills to effectively build BCC capacity and implement BCC activities.

To do this, MCDI performed a rapid assessment of the training needs of BCC programmers in Lesotho, held national and community level discussions on the highly sensitive personal and cultural issues surrounding HIV/AIDS/STIs, determined the technical challenges of implementing successful BCC campaigns, identified specific audiences for targeted messages, and assessed the existing protocol for monitoring and evaluation.

Following the assessment, MCDI's primary efforts were focused on providing technical assistance, training and mentoring of BCC providers in Lesotho including, but not limited to, message development, innovative means for message delivery, establishing minimum training standards for interpersonal communication interventions, and monitoring and evaluation for BCC programming.

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