The mission of MCD International is to enhance the well-being of peoples and communities in developing nations by means of technical assistance in the areas of health and socio-economic development. We seek to empower countries with the knowledge and behavior necessary to improve their health.

    Medical Care Development International, a Division of the Private Voluntary Organization of Medical Care Development, has worked to enhance the well-being of peoples and communities in developing nations for over 25 years. MCD International has supported health sector interventions across a broad spectrum of program areas to include maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS/TB, malaria prevention and control, water supply and sanitation, and health sector reform and financing. For each project that we manage, MCD International strives to find innovative and creative ways to implement technically appropriate and results-focused best practices that respond to the evolving health status profiles of the beneficiary populations where we work. MCD International has worked with a diverse array of organizations, from grassroots community groups to multi-lateral donor institutions. The experience and knowledge gained through these collaborative efforts has enabled us to incrementally improve the quality and effectiveness of our project portfolio.

    Our staff here at MCDI brings an international background and cultural sensitivity that has been gained from cross-cultural field experience and collaboration with partners around the globe. MCD International believes that our work complements the effort of all organizations seeking to advance global health goals; improved quality of life starts with access to knowledge and services that will empower families to successfully improve and manage their own health.

    Christopher Schwabe

    Director of the International Division of Medical Care Development

    The international branch of MCD was created in 1977 based on the belief that MCD's successful approach to health systems development in the rural United States could be adapted to meet the needs of developing nations. Since its founding, MCD International has provided assistance to the health systems of over 40 countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and the Middle East. We have worked in concert with a wide spectrum of organizations, from grassroots community groups to multi-lateral donor institutions, to improve the quality and quantity of care and to make that care affordable and accessible to the neediest people on earth.

"The GSF-supported programme is one of the key programmes contributing to sanitation sector achievements in Madagascar and the expansion with additional funds, means the GSF programme is one of the top projects aiming at the elimination of open defecation, in terms of coverage and the number of projects financed."

- Water Supply & Sanitation
  Collaborative Council

"Bioko will be an ideal location for vaccine trials it's gotta be the best data set that we have for any Malaria control program anywhere in the world at the moment because it has been very well set up, it's been very well run and the monitoring program evaluation is being taken really seriously."

- Janet Hemingway

Professor of Insect Molecular Biology, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

"Bioko project was better positioned than any such intervention program I've seen in action on the African continent."

- Patrick Kachur

Chief of the Division of Parasitic Diseases and Malaria, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention